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The L. Perkins Agency specializes in many different genres with six agents representing approximately 100 authors to the publishing industry. The agency also has agents in many foreign territories and works with an established film/television agency to maximize exposure for our clients. In 2010, the agency broke new ground by being the first agency to hire a literary agent who worked exclusively in the digital marketplace. To this day, the L. Perkins Agency works hard to identify new publishing venues and makes it a priority to help our authors stay ahead of the curve. ?The L. Perkins Agency’s five acquiring agents have a diverse range of tastes and are currently looking for material in a wide spectrum of genres and subjects.




Please read each of our bios carefully and choose one agent to query. We work together closely and will pass your work on if we feel it's better suited to a colleague. The Nancy Yost Literary Agency is based in New York City. 

Nancy Yost - She looks for complex, engrossing, character- and voice-driven reads, and has a fondness for a good ghost story, southern fiction, historical fiction, atmosphere, intelligence, humor, and adorable (and not so adorable) animals. Her nonfiction tastes lean to social history and natural science. 

Natanya Wheeler - She is particularly interested in literary fiction that touches on current events and multicultural issues; dark psychological thrillers, cozy mysteries, book club fiction and domestic suspense. Above all, characterization and voice are what grab her attention. She loves to find new writers and does not shy away from debut talent. 

Sarah Younger - She is specifically interested in representing all varieties of Romance, some Women's Fiction, and select Non-Fiction. 

Amy Rosenbaum - Amy is looking for YA, middle grade, and picture books that take readers off the beaten path. 



Attorneys Mike Farris and Susan Morgan Farris man Farris Literary Agency, Inc., which  represents fiction and non-fiction works.  They are actively seeking fiction projects (thrillers, suspense, mysteries, mainstream, action/adventure, literary, Christian) as well as non-fiction (how-to, self-help, law, true crime, current affairs, popular culture, women’s issues, biography, history, travel, sports, politics, entertainment, spiritual and inspirational).

On the screenplay side, they are associate managers of AEI/Atchity Entertainment International in Beverly Hills, California.




“I’m looking for narrative non-fiction; history; biography, current events. I'm also looking for non-fiction for middle grade readers. I particularly love books about maps, and buildings, and subjects that lend themselves to seeing the world in a different light. I'm glad to look at a query for just about anything. I've got clients who write Science Fiction, urban fantasy, womens' fiction, literary fiction, and horror. I'm drawn (as we all are) to voice and style. A book that makes me laugh and gasp is probably a good bet for something I want to read. My wish list includes a Taylor Branch-like treatment of the second wave of the feminist movement. I'd kick down doors to get my hands on that.

I don't handle poetry, plays, screenplays or other labors of love.”




Kate Testerman, Founder and Senior Agent: (Pronouns: She/Her, Salutation: Ms.) After a dozen years working in publishing in New York City, Kate moved to Colorado and formed kt literary in early 2008, where she concentrates on middle grade and young adult fiction. We're thrilled to be actively seeking new clients with great writing, unique stories, and complex characters, for middle grade, young adult, and adult. Her interests cover a broad range including contemporary drama, urban fantasy and magical realism, adventure stories, and romantic comedies. She is an active member of the SCBWI and AAR. 




Most interested in representing: Thrillers and suspense of all types, and cozy mystery series, women's fiction and particularly romantic comedy, both by male and female authors. 

Nonfiction: sports narratives and biographies, history (particularly military) and current events. 

Also: narrative nonfiction, commercial women's fiction, historical fiction, mysteries and romance novels. 

Narrative nonfiction can cover almost any subject, but history, food, and science are particular interests. Newspaper and magazine experience is helpful; many books are generated from concepts first tried out in articles. 






Traci Ison Schafer: I use Ana Grigoriu, https://www.books-design.com/. She's expensive but very good. I also use https://www.fiverr.com/germancreative on Fiverr. She's good, too, and much less expensive.


Darlene Shortridge: Feel free to contact Jonna M Feavel. Our daughter does all our covers as well as many other authors’.


Meg Welch Dendler: I use Pen-L Publishing's designer. It sometimes takes her a while because her schedule is full, but she's very good and technically/artistically talented. ;) She doesn't advertise, but message me if you want her contact info. 


Maxine Douglas: Josephine Blake of JB Graphics;  Erin Dameron-Hill is awesome as well.