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What kind of editing do you need?

What kind of editing?

From Whispering Prairie Press, here’s a quick breakdown of various types of editing and some tips on working with editors. Keep in mind that not all projects always require every level of edit, and sometimes multiple rounds of edits may be done by the same person.

Alpha and beta reads: Fiction writers often use this method to get reactions to their writing, working with revised drafts that still feel a bit rough. It is usually done on a volunteer or reciprocal basis with fellow writers, generally members of writing groups.

Developmental editing: If you’re serious about producing a commercially successful book, this step can be helpful. At this stage the editor will help you consider the content of your work from a big-picture point of view: Who will find this interesting? What subgenre does it fit into? How can the work be useful to its readers?

Line editing: If you’re clear on the audience and purpose for your work but need help getting your message across, this is where line editing (also called substantive editing) comes into play. A line editor looks at the work line by line, examining the linguistic and stylistic aspects as well as coherence and clarity.

Copy editing: More focused on expression than content, copy editing focuses on clarity, consistency, conciseness, and correctness. Usually, copy editing happens after a higher level of review that focuses on the content, so the copy editor is free to focus on the delivery of the content.

Proofreading: If your work feels complete and the content has been reviewed, proofreading is the step just before publication where the goal is to catch errors in grammar, usage, style (are you using Oxford commas or not?), layout, and typography (are you hyphenating long words as the text wraps?). Even for relatively small, simple projects, proofreading is essential if you don’t want to be surprised by embarrassing typos.

Hiring a professional editor: Having your friends edit your work may be cost effective, but you’ll generally get higher quality work and more honest feedback from a pro. It helps to find an editor who specializes in the field or genre that you want to publish in. Anyone can claim to be an editor, so look for professional credentials, testimonials, and memberships in professional groups. Also, most editors are open to doing brief sample edits (usually for a small fee) to verify their skill and to demonstrate their editing style.

Costs: The next question many will have is how much these services should cost. This will vary widely based on the experience and qualifications of the editor, but in general I would say it will cost more than you think. Don’t let sticker shock turn you away. You probably don’t pick a doctor, dentist, plumber, or electrician based solely on cost because you value your body and your home; shouldn’t you afford your writing the same respect? For a rough guideline, the Editorial Freelancers Association publishes a handy rates chart.

With these tips in mind you should be better prepared when the time comes to start looking for an editor. Finding the right editor can make a huge difference in the quality and reception of your work, so choose wisely. – Thomas Sullivan


New Listing!

Daniel J. Peaslee has a passion for helping first-time writers and new authors get their first book published. 

He also enjoys keeping up with the authors and continuing along with them in their writing journey. Currently, he oversees a university writing center in Oklahoma City and has copy editing and line editing experience at a book publishing company. He has copy edited over 250 books and over 1,000 student papers, and he is familiar with Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and APA formatting.

‍ He would love to help get you started, so feel free to send him a message!

Email: daniel.peaslee@gmail.com

Facebook: @danieljpeaslee

Roxana Cazan’s RC Editorial, llc

16 years in business 

2000 happy customers.

RC Editorial LLC is a marketing communications and editing services company. We believe that every well-crafted communications piece has the potential to broadcast your message across the world and to change it for the better. At RC Editorial, our mission is to help global individuals and businesses write and design accurate, correct, clear, and concise material that persuades their target audience. 

https://rceditorial.weebly.com for more information.

…And here they are!

Staci Mauney at Prestige Prose offers a professional online editing and writing company that offers a variety of services to authors, lawyers, businesses, and students. From simple proofreading to comprehensive line editing, our professional staff provides the highest quality services to ensure the voice of the author is preserved. Visit http://www.prestigeprose.com for a list of services and rates, and contact us at prestigeprose@gmail.com for a free quote.Website: stacimauney.com

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stacimauney

Facebook: @StaciMauneyAuthor

Twitter: @SMauneyAuthor

Instagram: @sdmauney



Robyn Conley, the Book Doctor

This ol' book doc will line and content edit ANYTHING except for screenplay format.  I charge based on word count and will be happy to give more specifics to anyone who gives me a sample of their work (usually the first ten pages, which I do for FREE!)

Robyn Conley, robconbookdoc@gmail.com  www.robynconley.com


Bernhardt Editing Services

Looking for someone to give your polished manuscript a careful review and line-edit before you submit or publish? The Red Sneaker School can help you without bankrupting you. If you'd like to know more about our editing services, email willbern@gmail.com.



Professional editing that helps prepare manuscripts for publication.

Vivian Zabel & Team



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Janet Lullo


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NO MORE EDITING for Harvey Stanbrough

Because ... he says, 

“I'm still in southeast Arizona. On the Good News side, I recently retired from copyediting and finished my last edit today. From here on out it's my own writing only. :-)   Since April 23, I've been writing at least one short story per week. In that 26 weeks, I've written thirty-one new short stories. That's 76,700 new published words of fiction in exactly 6 months.”

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Need help editing or with a trailer?

Park Writing & Editing is ready to write or edit your book, articles, letters, reports, research, and video scripts. And provide voice talent for your training video, commercial--and dramatic recording of your poems or fiction.  Let's get creative! Call Kathleen Park at 405-310-6512.  NOTE: KATHLEEN is taking a break from editing while caring for her ill husband.


Maria can help!

Maria Veres - teacher, poet, speaker, conference coordinator, writer par excellence - is available for hire for various kinds of writing help--editing, publishing guidance, or coaching.  Contact her for details. If she is not the right person to help you, she will point you to someone who can. Try email: (mariapolsonveres@yahoo.com), facebook, or or through her website (mariapolsonveres.com)  NOTE: MARIA is not accepting editing jobs at this time.


Looking for a GHOSTWRITER

If interested, email Buffalo234@cox.net to include your information in the WRITERS REMINDER!