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Letters to the Editor

10 Nov 2019

Good Morning, Carolyn,

I just have to take a minute to tell you how WONDERFUL you are for tirelessly gathering information and opportunities to help fellow writers! I look forward to your newsletter, and believe you do an amazing job.

Thank you so much for what you do to help writers be successful.


Anna Kittrell


16 July 2019


Thanks you so much for all the work you do to put this together. It's a FABULOUS resource for writers!

Christy Johnson



 just found your Writers Reminder site, thanks to your post on the OWFI FB page. Yes, I would like to subscribe to the e-zine. What a great site!

Thanks – Phil

Phil Truman



Carolyn, I can hardly believe you crammed so much useful information into this issue. It is superb. Thank you. 

Linda Basinger


{In regard to the High Hill Press Problems}  I know some of these authors personally, and it is BAD. And I don't expect it to get better. Very sad. I just wish Lou would "call it" and give everyone back their books and rights so they can move on. Horrible for them to be stuck. Thanks for putting the word out.

Meg Welch Dendler

Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of the Cats in the Mirror Series

From Serenity Mountain Publishing

At the Corner of Magnetic and Main

Pen-L Publishing

Member of Cat Writers' Association, SCBWI, and the Ozark Writers League



Dear Carolyn,

Your newsletters are enjoyed by me very much.  Clever girl you are!!  I do not need to receive a US mail copy of the 2017 gathering newsletter.  Thanks for building this group and keeping us informed!!  I will not be at the gathering.


Joan Van Arsdall


Keep up the good work, Carolyn! Your newsletter is chock-full of useful information for all writers, beginners and pros. I appreciate the hard work and time you put into providing us with up-to-date news and links to help us grow and move forward on our writing journey.

Carol Round,


Grove, OK


Hi Carolyn,

    Just wanted to let you know - I got your writer's email.   I'm so glad someone listed all the writers meetings in one place !!   Thank-you.  Its very helpful...

Andrea Moon, CTN





Thank you for your newsletter, Carolyn. I keep finding things in it that I want to do. I'm thinking about submitting a couple of manuscripts to the Texas Writers. I also think maybe I'll submit something to a couple of the publishers you've listed. I'm such a newbie on how to go about all this that I have to take an 80k book and reformat it because I used tabs. 

Anyway, I wanted you to know that I enjoy receiving your information. Thank you.

Brenda Thomas


thank you

I am 83 this Saturday, but I have three books published.  I have just finished with another TV script and am currently working on another book.  I'd love to get in a critique group too.  I did belong to one several years ago in Claremore, OK, the only one is in Tulsa and it is at night...I won't drive down there at night.  Good luck on your writing.

Cynda Thomas


I have recently written the following publication "A Guide To Free Genealogy & History Books", http://www.homeadviceguide.com/a-guide-to-free-genealogy-family-history-books/, that can be very useful your readers. 

It is very simple and well-written and it does not require any specialized knowledge. Anyone, who is looking to do more research can start using it. Furthermore, this guide will be updated regularly with more ideas and links to external resources so it is meant to become a very powerful tool in the near feature.

I would very much appreciate if you could have a look and if you find it useful to recommend it m--- Steve Anastasiadis 


Thanks Carolyn, a few good agent tips in here. Great material for the unpublished author. Nice job.

Bill Wetterman


Please don't remove me from the list. Writers Reminder is full of excellent information, some of which I intend to act on, TODAY...or tomorrow...

Thank you for the time and effort spent in compiling WR.

Judith Rycroft


Dear Carolyn,

Yes! I definitely want to be on the list.

Thank you!

Lynn Broderick



Hi “Other” Carolyn,

Been away from the computer for awhile....but, oh my goodness, I always read your Writers Reminder when it is posted. Lots of stuff in it, and I enjoy. Hope you are doing well.

M. Carolyn STEELE, Author of Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations


 I learn something new every time Writer's Reminder arrives.

Thank you.

Sharon Ervin



-Hi - Oh please don't remove me. I'm very interested in all of the writing opportunities and enjoy the other information you send too.  It looks as though I could benefit from all of the above.  Since this is a new avenue for me it doesn't hurt to acquire as much information as possible.  If I need to select a limited number let me know. 

Hope everything is going well for you.  Wende Williams


Hi Carolyn

I can't be "active" in anyway right now, but don't want to lose touch, especially now that I am back in Oklahoma.  Still in boxes,but back in Duncan.  I am the "author" who sat at the next table to you at the Chisholm Trail Book Fair (I think it was called)  in Duncan, OK.  I think it was 2009.  Tonya Holmes Shook arranged that book fair.  I, along with my sister,  was touting my Bible study, "A Mixed Bouquet."   

Joan Billings


You always send good info and I am beginning writing again after several life changes. I'd like to come again to the OKC writers conference some year

Thanks Janis Butler


Morning, Carolyn: Gosh, no, don't remove me from your list. You always have some very good stuff. I hope you're doing well, my young friend.

chuck sasser


Sent by Susan Reynolds

HDear fellow writers:

It’s been a long time since I sent a global email, but I have reasons to connect with fellow writers and friends. Many of you will remember that I published a series of anthologies (Teacher, Mom, Dad, Dog Hero and Woodstock Revisited). In the last 8 years, I’ve authored, co-authored, or edited more than 45 nonfiction and fiction books, on everything from neuroscience to fashion and finance. My latest book, Fire Up Your Writing Brain, that combines neuroscience and writing, and I am blogging regularly on Psychologytoday.com and Fireupyourwritingbrain.com, and--perhaps most important to you - I have a new anthology series in the works.

Thus, I wanted to make sure that all who are interested could connect with me on social media. Choose one or choose them all (links are all provided below) and friend me, follow me, or whatever works best for you. This will guarantee that you receive news regarding upcoming anthologies, as well as focused, practical, and inspirational tips for writing.

 I am the first presenter in a memoir teleseminar (click to sign up) tomorrow, Friday 11/6/2015. If you’re interested, you can sign up and receive a copy of the five-hour audio to listen to at your convenience. I’ll be the first of five presenters.

 Meanwhile, I look forward to reconnecting and communing on social media.

 Warm regards,


Susan Reynolds


Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/author/susanreynolds

Psychology Today blog: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/prime-your-gray-cells

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/susan.reynolds.writer

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sreynoldswriter

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117104206275706171079/posts

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/literarycottage


Website review

Beautiful job Carolyn. Enjoyed reading all of it. Good info, interesting and easy to read.  Layout is well done leads one to want to see what is next.

Thank you for all the time and effort.


Jo Smith

Aka Lorren Castle


From Eddie Price, Kentucky Author

Here is 

a program that might interest you for the 2017 program.  It is entitled, "Remember the Raisin!" (the battle cry of the War of 1812.)  It is posted at "Pioneer Times" by the folks at Graphic Enterprises.  http://www.graphicenterprises.net/html/eddie_price.html  They do a great job on my website.  Thought this might help.  

I did enjoy meeting all the nice folks at the Dutch Cousins reunion.


Seeking a Publisher? beware of this one 

Re:  First-time authors seeking a publisher

My name is Connie Thompson Titus, Florida author of one published book.  As a first-time author (2008) I did not know the right questions to ask…until it was too late.   Seven years of unsolved issues caused suspicions about my publisher, yet a newbie has no experience, little knowledge of the industry, and feels foolish asking questions.  I simply went along for the ride.


Earlier this year hidden sales, breach of contract, misrepresentation, etc. finally came to light.  I terminated my contract with Tate Publishing on June 18, 2015.  What is most important to me now is cautioning writers across America. 

Unknown authors are particularly attractive to this publisher.

Writer friends who consider or hold a pending contract with Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC., of Mustang, OK, should first conduct a thorough search on them (a good practice with any publisher.)   Helpful links include:  www.goodreads.com; www.writerbeware.com; www.consumeraffairs.com; www.journalrecord.com 

If anyone in your guild is an established Tate author, pleased or otherwise, I strongly suggest a comparison between their Books-To-Date Reports and quarterly Royalty Statements.  A current investigation is underway by Oklahoma Attorney General. Accounting discrepancies and other issues can be discussed with Agent Liz Fullbright, Phone 405-522-2801.  

Agent Fullbright has given me permission to circulate precautionary notices. 

Of course you may also contact me with questions or concern.  Please forward this information to all writer groups in your area. Thank you for your time.


Connie Thompson Titus, Author

Her Doctor Prescribes Dancing at Daybreak;

Lively Doctor-Patient Interactions


Hi Carolyn,

I'm writing to you on behalf of my after school group. My name is Julie, and I've been referencing your page, http://www.carolynbleonard.com/CarolynBLeonard/Genealogy_Tips/Entries/2013/6/4_Carolyns_Favs.html, for the kids' genealogy projects that they'll be working on. So I just wanted to say thanks for all the help from all of us. :-)

One of the girls in my group, Isabella, also found a great article on family history and genealogy: http://www.homeadvisor.com/article.show.History-at-Home-A-Guide-to-Genealogy.17370.html . Can you include this on your page? She wants to go to college to be a history teacher, so I thought this would give her more encouragement, plus help others interested in genealogy! 

If you have any other information or resources you think the kids would get a kick out of, please pass it on. Thanks again!


Ms. Julie Loomis


About that Copyright Q

I had been wondering about phrases and verses of ‘old’ songs from the ‘40s – remembering days at the Indian Boarding school and if I could include a snippet.  Lo! one of my writer newsletters had this source – its about Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the U.S.


Read the answer here:


You recently mentioned that lines from a song cannot be used in a novel, not even two sentences of them. This seems arbitrary to me. It's like free advertising for them!

My question - because my new novel is devoted to lines from various songs, does it matter how old the song is? What about songs from the 40s, for instance? - MBR

If the song is popular enough to be quoted in a book, they don't need the publicity. The copyright owner would much rather have the hundreds or thousands of dollars they can and do charge for usage.

For information on works in the public domain, see:



Theda Goodfox Kresge


Working Writer

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Publisher Dan Case says we should read this article about Kindlegraph and watch the U-Tube video showing how it works:


After that, go to kindlegraph.com and list your books. This program will allow you to autograph your Kindle version on their copy of your ebook, and you can even include a personal note. PS: you need a twitter account to do this. That only takes about five minutes at twitter.com.

Another way to autograph your Kindle or other E-Book, Autography supports any eReader even smartphones & Authors are no longer restricted to signing a blank page. http://www.autography.com/index.php


Tips for Letters to Government Officials

Grassroots Lobbying - making a difference

The strength of our democracy depends on citizens getting involved and engaging our government. Keep these tips handy when contacting your elected officials.

FIRST:  Identify yourself as a constituent of the legislator you are contacting. Politicians are not interested in the opinions of people who cannot vote for them.

 Whether writing or calling your legislators, focus on a single topic. You will be more effective and receive a faster response.

 Ask the legislator to take specific action, like supporting a piece of legislation. Ask for a written response that gives your legislator’s position on the issue.

  Make your points quickly and concisely to have a greater impact.

  When talking about an issue it is best to use your own words.



Candidate, ballot and voter registration information: www.vote411.org