Local Programs

Local Programs


By Bill Boudreau, contributor

The Lunchbox

217 E. Main, Shawnee, OK

Phone: (405) 432-5232

Readings: 7pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month except for December which will be on the 12th.                        

Contact: Aline Smith, email: naspurline@aol.com

Third Saturday open mic poetry reading will take place at 6:30p on Aug 17th, 2019, at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 816 W. Gore Blvd., Lawton, Oklahoma.

To view other poetry readings in the area, visit website http://www.okpoets.org

2019 - Oklahoma City Writers, Inc.

‍OKC ‍Writers ‍- ‍

‍Regular ‍meeting ‍time ‍and ‍place  ‍

‍3rd ‍Saturdays ‍each ‍month ‍at ‍10 ‍am.  

‍St ‍Luke’s ‍ME ‍church, ‍Room ‍225

‍222 ‍N.W. ‍15th ‍Street  Oklahoma ‍City, ‍73103

‍(driving ‍directions: ‍http://stlukesokc.org ‍index.php/about_us/driving_directions)

‍Enter ‍through ‍the ‍northwest ‍door, ‍

‍by ‍handicap ‍parking ‍and ‍go ‍to ‍Room ‍130.



‍William ‍Bernhardtwill ‍present ‍the ‍paths ‍to ‍publishing, ‍and ‍discuss ‍the ‍realities ‍of ‍each ‍path ‍to ‍publication ‍to ‍help ‍you ‍discover ‍the ‍path ‍that ‍will ‍lead ‍to ‍the ‍greatest ‍success--and ‍fulfillment--for ‍you.

‍Bernhardt ‍is ‍the ‍author ‍of ‍forty-eight ‍books, ‍most ‍recently ‍Court ‍of ‍Killers ‍(#1 ‍Bestseller ‍flag ‍on ‍Amazon), ‍the ‍second ‍book ‍in ‍his ‍new ‍Daniel ‍Pike ‍legal ‍thriller ‍series. ‍His ‍previous ‍works ‍include ‍the ‍bestselling ‍Ben ‍Kincaid ‍series, ‍the ‍historical ‍novels ‍Challengers ‍of ‍the ‍Dust ‍and ‍Nemesis, ‍two ‍books ‍of ‍poetry ‍(The ‍White ‍Bird ‍and ‍The ‍Ocean’s ‍Edge), ‍and ‍the ‍Red ‍Sneaker ‍books ‍on ‍fiction ‍writing. ‍

‍In ‍addition, ‍Bernhardt ‍founded ‍the ‍Red ‍Sneaker ‍Writers ‍Center ‍to ‍mentor ‍aspiring ‍writers. ‍The ‍Center ‍hosts ‍an ‍annual ‍writers ‍conference, ‍small-group ‍writing ‍retreats, ‍a ‍monthly ‍newsletter, ‍a ‍phone ‍app, ‍and ‍a ‍bi-weekly ‍podcast. ‍More ‍than ‍three ‍dozen ‍of ‍Bernhardt’s ‍students ‍have ‍subsequently ‍published ‍with ‍major ‍houses. ‍He ‍is ‍also ‍the ‍owner ‍of ‍Balkan ‍Press, ‍which ‍publishes ‍poetry ‍and ‍fiction ‍as ‍well ‍as ‍the ‍literary ‍journal ‍Conclave. ‍

‍Bernhardt ‍has ‍received ‍the ‍Southern ‍Writers ‍Guild’s ‍Gold ‍Medal ‍Award, ‍the ‍Royden ‍B. ‍Davis ‍Distinguished ‍Author ‍Award ‍(University ‍of ‍Pennsylvania) ‍and ‍the ‍H. ‍Louise ‍Cobb ‍Distinguished ‍Author ‍Award ‍(Oklahoma ‍State).  He ‍has  has ‍won ‍the ‍Oklahoma ‍Book ‍Award ‍award ‍twice. ‍In ‍2019, ‍he ‍received ‍the ‍Arrell ‍Gibson ‍Lifetime ‍Achievement ‍Award ‍from ‍the ‍Oklahoma ‍Center ‍for ‍the ‍Book.

September 2019 Presentation: Book promotion as a "performance art"

Nathan Brown



Nathan Brown is an author, songwriter, and award-winning poet living in Wimberley, Texas. He holds a PhD in English and Journalism from the University of Oklahoma where he taught for seventeen years. He served as Poet Laureate for the State of Oklahoma in 2013/14, and now travels fulltime performing readings and concerts, teaching workshops and speaking on creativity, poetry, songwriting, and creative writing.

Nathan has published roughly nineteen books. Most recent are An Honest Day’s Confession; Apocalypse Soon: The Mostly Unedited Poems of Ezra E. Lipschitz; and Don’t Try, a collection of co-written poems with Austin Music Hall of Fame songwriter, Jon Dee Graham. Karma Crisis: New and Selected Poems, was a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize and the Oklahoma Book Award. His earlier book, Two Tables Over, won the 2009 Oklahoma Book Award.

He’s taught memoir, songwriting, performance, and creativity workshops from Tuscany to the Sisters Folk Festival in Oregon, the Taos Poetry Festival, the Woody Guthrie Festival, Laity Lodge, the Everwood Farmstead Foundation in Wisconsin, as well as for Blue Rock Artist Ranch near Austin, Texas.


‍July ‍2019 ‍Presentation: ‍Writing ‍process ‍of ‍her ‍book, ‍The ‍Accident ‍of ‍Birth, ‍about ‍immigration

‍Roxana ‍Cazan

‍roxanalcazan.weebly.com ‍


‍Roxana ‍L. ‍Cazan ‍is ‍an ‍Assistant ‍Professor ‍of ‍English ‍at ‍Saint ‍Francis ‍University ‍in ‍Pennsylvania, ‍where ‍she ‍teaches ‍world ‍and ‍postcolonial ‍literature ‍and ‍creative ‍writing. ‍She ‍is ‍a ‍translator ‍of ‍Romanian. ‍Her ‍translation ‍of ‍Matei ‍Vişniec’s ‍“Teeth” ‍was ‍nominated ‍for ‍a ‍Pushcart ‍Prize ‍byReunion, ‍at ‍UT ‍Dallas. ‍Her ‍poems ‍have ‍been ‍featured ‍inCold ‍Creek ‍Review, ‍The ‍Healing ‍Muse, ‍Adanna ‍Literary ‍Journal, ‍Watershed ‍Review, ‍Allegro ‍Poetry, ‍the ‍Peeking ‍Cat ‍Anthology, ‍The ‍Portland ‍Review, ‍Harpur ‍Palateand ‍others. ‍Her ‍full-length ‍poetry ‍book,The ‍Accident ‍of ‍Birth, ‍has ‍just ‍been ‍published ‍by ‍Main ‍Street ‍Rag ‍in ‍2017. ‍Dr. ‍Cazan’s ‍scholarly ‍work ‍focuses ‍on ‍ethnic ‍and ‍postcolonial ‍literature ‍and ‍women’s ‍studies ‍and ‍has ‍appeared ‍inNeophilologus, ‍Women’s ‍Studies ‍Quarterly, ‍Comparative ‍Literature ‍Studies, ‍Studies ‍in ‍American ‍Jewish ‍Literature, ‍American ‍Journal ‍of ‍Undergraduate ‍Research, ‍and ‍Demeter ‍Press. ‍A ‍chapter ‍is ‍forthcoming ‍inRemembering ‍Kahina: ‍Women, ‍Representation ‍and ‍Resistance ‍in ‍Post-Independence ‍North ‍Africa, ‍Routledge.

‍. ‍https://mainstreetragbookstore.com/?product=the-accident-of-birth


‍JUNE ‍15, ‍2019         speaker ‍Traci ‍Ison ‍Shafer


‍Traci ‍will ‍share ‍things ‍to ‍keep ‍in ‍mind ‍when ‍building ‍your ‍fictional ‍worlds--whether ‍they ‍are ‍set ‍in ‍the ‍present ‍time ‍and ‍place, ‍the ‍distant ‍future, ‍or ‍long ‍ago ‍in ‍a ‍galaxy ‍far, ‍far ‍away.

‍Traci ‍Ison ‍Schafer ‍lives ‍in ‍Ada, ‍Oklahoma, ‍and ‍is ‍a ‍Price ‍Analyst ‍for ‍the ‍United ‍States ‍Air ‍Force. ‍She’s ‍a ‍native ‍of ‍Ohio ‍and ‍started ‍her ‍career ‍at ‍the ‍infamous ‍Wright-Patterson ‍Air ‍Force ‍Base, ‍which ‍she ‍used ‍as ‍the ‍backdrop ‍for ‍her ‍first ‍book, ‍the ‍science ‍fiction ‍novel ‍The ‍Anuan ‍Legacy. ‍

‍Traci ‍is ‍current ‍Past ‍President ‍of ‍the ‍Oklahoma ‍City ‍Writers ‍and ‍is ‍an ‍officer ‍on ‍the ‍Executive ‍Board ‍of ‍the ‍Oklahoma ‍Writers’ ‍Federation, ‍Inc., ‍where ‍she ‍serves ‍as ‍First ‍Vice ‍President. ‍She ‍also ‍remains ‍active ‍in ‍the ‍writing ‍community ‍in ‍the ‍Dayton, ‍Ohio, ‍area ‍where ‍she’s ‍a ‍founding ‍member ‍of ‍the ‍critique ‍group ‍The ‍Plot ‍Sisters ‍(est. ‍2012) ‍and ‍has ‍served ‍as ‍a ‍panelist ‍at ‍the ‍Antioch ‍Writers’ ‍Workshop ‍at ‍the ‍University ‍of ‍Dayton. ‍

‍Traci ‍has ‍a ‍master’s ‍degree ‍in ‍business, ‍a ‍bachelor’s ‍degree ‍in ‍science ‍education, ‍and ‍has ‍earned ‍teaching ‍certifications ‍in ‍several ‍science ‍fields ‍including ‍physics, ‍astronomy, ‍and ‍earth ‍science. ‍She’s ‍curious ‍about ‍all ‍things ‍beyond ‍the ‍physical ‍world ‍such ‍as ‍aliens, ‍reincarnation, ‍and ‍psychic ‍abilities, ‍making ‍them ‍among ‍her ‍favorite ‍writing ‍topics.

‍Traci’s ‍writing ‍has ‍earned ‍several ‍awards, ‍including ‍Independent ‍Publisher ‍Book ‍Awards ‍(IPPY) ‍Silver ‍Medalist ‍in ‍Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror ‍E-book; ‍National ‍Indie ‍Excellence ‍Award ‍(NIEA) ‍Winner ‍in ‍Science ‍Fiction; ‍NIEA ‍Finalist ‍in ‍New ‍Adult; ‍and ‍Finalist ‍for ‍the ‍Independent ‍Author ‍Network ‍(IAN) ‍Science ‍Fiction ‍Book ‍of ‍the ‍Year. ‍When ‍not ‍busy ‍writing, ‍Traci ‍enjoys ‍spending ‍time ‍with ‍her ‍family. ‍

‍20 ‍April ‍2019 ‍Presentation: ‍Power ‍of ‍Vivid ‍Imagery

‍Laurel ‍Thomas ‍will ‍walk ‍you ‍through ‍the ‍craft ‍of ‍building ‍riveting ‍and ‍emotionally ‍rich ‍stories ‍through ‍effective ‍imagery. ‍Join ‍us ‍for ‍interactive ‍exercises ‍that ‍help ‍build ‍your ‍own ‍palette ‍of ‍sensory ‍images ‍that ‍show ‍instead ‍of ‍tell.

‍A ‍former ‍high ‍school ‍English ‍teacher, ‍Laurel ‍Thomas ‍has ‍written ‍for ‍magazines ‍such ‍as ‍Guideposts, ‍Mysterious ‍Ways ‍and ‍others. ‍In ‍addition ‍to ‍her ‍first ‍published ‍novel, ‍River’s ‍Call, ‍Laurel ‍has ‍ghosted ‍nonfiction ‍and ‍edited ‍others. ‍Check ‍out ‍her ‍website ‍at ‍www.laurelannthomas.org

‍Saturday ‍MARCH ‍16, ‍2019 ‍PROGRAM ‍

‍Jesse ‍Sauer ‍will ‍present ‍"In ‍favor ‍of ‍a ‍poetics ‍of ‍impermanence."He ‍will ‍discuss ‍the ‍relationship ‍between ‍poetry ‍and ‍time, ‍and ‍conduct ‍a ‍few ‍poetry ‍writing ‍exercises

‍Jesse ‍Sauer ‍is ‍a ‍graduate ‍of ‍Columbia ‍University ‍with ‍a ‍degree ‍in ‍Poetry, ‍After ‍spending ‍two ‍years ‍teaching ‍in ‍China, ‍he ‍came ‍to ‍Oklahoma ‍where ‍he ‍obtained ‍a ‍Master's ‍Degree ‍in ‍TESOL ‍from ‍OCU. ‍Currently, ‍he ‍is ‍a ‍senior ‍instructor ‍in ‍ESL.

‍Oklahoma ‍City ‍Writers, ‍Inc.

‍Saturday ‍February16, ‍2019

‍Speaker:  Chad ‍Reynolds ‍co- ‍founder ‍of ‍Pennycandy ‍Books ‍- ‍an ‍OKC ‍children’s ‍book ‍publisher.

‍Chad ‍Reynolds ‍presents ‍- ‍Some ‍Thoughts ‍on ‍Writing ‍and ‍Publishing ‍for ‍Kids.

‍Chad ‍Reynolds ‍is ‍the ‍co-founder ‍of ‍Short ‍Order ‍Poems ‍and ‍Penny ‍Candy ‍Books. ‍A ‍graduate ‍of ‍the ‍MFA ‍program ‍at ‍Emerson ‍College ‍in ‍Boston, ‍he ‍has ‍published ‍five ‍poetry ‍chapbooks. ‍Penny ‍Candy ‍Books ‍is ‍an ‍independent ‍children’s ‍book ‍publishing ‍company ‍based ‍in ‍Oklahoma ‍City, ‍Oklahoma, ‍and ‍Savannah, ‍Georgia ‍with ‍a ‍mission ‍is ‍to ‍publish ‍children's ‍literature ‍that ‍reflects ‍the ‍diverse ‍realities ‍of ‍the ‍world ‍we ‍live ‍in, ‍both ‍at ‍home ‍and ‍abroad.

January Speaker: Lou Berney will be discussing his new novel, November Road, and the research he did for it. So maybe a title along the lines of, NOVEMBER ROAD AND THE JFK ASSASSINATION: FACT AND FICTION. Berney is the best-selling author of the novels NOVEMBER ROAD (named one of the best books of 2018 by the Washington Post), THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE (winner of the Edgar Award), WHIPLASH RIVER, and GUTSHOT STRAIGHT, all from William Morrow. His short fiction has appeared in publications such as THE NEW YORKER, PLOUGHSHARES, and the Pushcart Prize anthology. He teaches in the low-residency MFA program at Oklahoma City University.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Speaker:  Timothy L. Trujillo

Subject: "What Makes a Writer"

natural healthcare provider, educator and author. He has written poetry for an anthology in Los Angeles, organizational newsletters, correspondence, magazine articles, a book, and many Facebook posts.

He is a graduate and former instructor at Gil Boyne’s Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles and served as an Examiner for the American Council of Hypnotists Examiners. He maintains private practice in Oklahoma City, where he is also Director of First Medicines. He is a popular presenter at expos, conferences, and schools. A lifelong entertainer and performer, his presentations are imbued with enthusiasm, humor, and rich storytelling rooted in deep compassion for those who suffer.

‍16 ‍June ‍2018

‍Kathleen ‍GibbsJune ‍speaker, ‍Kathleen ‍Gibbs. ‍Her ‍topic, ‍"The ‍Journey ‍of ‍Kathleen ‍Gibbs," ‍is ‍a ‍play ‍on ‍the ‍title ‍of ‍one ‍of ‍her ‍books, ‍"Journey ‍of ‍the ‍Cheyenne ‍Warrior" ‍and ‍covers ‍her ‍adventures ‍in ‍marketing ‍her ‍books ‍across ‍several ‍states ‍and ‍several ‍years. 

‍Kathy ‍has ‍a ‍Bachelor’s ‍Degree ‍in ‍language ‍arts ‍from ‍theUniversity ‍of ‍Oklahoma ‍and ‍a ‍Master’s ‍Degree ‍in ‍Southwestern ‍Studies ‍from ‍the ‍University ‍of ‍Central ‍Oklahoma. ‍She ‍was ‍a ‍high ‍school ‍teacher ‍for ‍30 ‍years, ‍worked ‍for ‍the ‍Oklahoma ‍Historical ‍Society ‍in ‍Photo ‍Archives ‍for ‍two ‍years, ‍and ‍was ‍State ‍President ‍of ‍the ‍Oklahoma ‍Anthropological ‍Society ‍for ‍four ‍years. ‍She ‍is ‍a ‍member ‍of ‍Western ‍Writers ‍of ‍America ‍and ‍lives ‍in ‍Bethany. ‍

‍As ‍a ‍teacher, ‍she ‍taught ‍English, ‍German, ‍ancient ‍history, ‍world ‍and ‍state ‍geography, ‍humanities, ‍and ‍journalism. ‍Other ‍endeavors ‍include ‍being ‍an ‍archaeologist, ‍a ‍traveler, ‍writer, ‍mother ‍of ‍three, ‍grandmother ‍of ‍eight, ‍and ‍recently ‍great-grandmother ‍of ‍one. 

‍She ‍bends ‍many ‍fascinating ‍details ‍with ‍true ‍historical ‍events ‍in ‍her ‍writings. ‍

‍Her ‍first ‍published ‍historical ‍novel, ‍Journey ‍of ‍the ‍Cheyenne ‍Warrior ‍, ‍began ‍her ‍writing ‍career ‍and ‍her ‍second ‍book, ‍Last ‍Real ‍Cowboy ‍, ‍was ‍recently ‍published. ‍This ‍book ‍ties ‍in ‍well ‍with ‍the ‍recent ‍celebration ‍of ‍the ‍150th ‍anniversary ‍of ‍the ‍ChisholmTail ‍and ‍the ‍125th ‍anniversary ‍next ‍September ‍of ‍the ‍Cherokee ‍Outlet ‍Land ‍Run ‍in ‍1893.

November program - 2018 OKC Contest winners

Topic: Contest winners

‍August ‍18, ‍2018 ‍OCWI ‍meeting: ‍Book ‍Publishing: ‍From ‍Start ‍to ‍Finish

‍Melanie ‍Larson ‍will ‍discuss ‍what ‍happens ‍after ‍a ‍manuscript ‍has ‍been ‍accepted ‍for ‍publication. ‍She ‍has ‍worked ‍as ‍an ‍editor ‍at ‍Nicci ‍Jordan ‍Hubert ‍Editorial ‍for ‍a ‍number ‍of ‍years ‍and ‍has ‍edited ‍for ‍several ‍publishers ‍since ‍she ‍graduated ‍from ‍Abilene ‍University ‍with ‍a ‍degree ‍in ‍journalism.

‍Nicci ‍Jordan ‍Hubert ‍Editorial, ‍located ‍in ‍New ‍York ‍City, ‍is ‍a ‍team ‍of ‍professional ‍substantive ‍editors ‍and ‍copy ‍editors ‍who ‍have ‍served ‍many ‍critically ‍acclaimed, ‍award-winning, ‍and ‍bestselling ‍authors.


‍Short ‍fiction ‍is ‍in ‍high ‍demand. ‍Indie ‍publications ‍are ‍always ‍looking ‍for ‍short ‍stories ‍to ‍publish ‍in ‍collections ‍called ‍anthologies, ‍but ‍the ‍process ‍of ‍submitting ‍to ‍an ‍anthology ‍can ‍be ‍confusing ‍and, ‍at ‍times, ‍frustrating. ‍Jack ‍Burgos, ‍editor ‍for ‍‘A ‍Murder ‍of ‍Storytellers’, ‍explains ‍how ‍indie ‍publishers ‍seek ‍out ‍new ‍authors, ‍form ‍relationships ‍with ‍them, ‍and ‍help ‍to ‍develop ‍careers. ‍This ‍talk ‍will ‍cover ‍how ‍to ‍find ‍and ‍submit ‍to ‍an ‍anthology ‍and, ‍most ‍importantly, ‍how ‍to ‍hold ‍open ‍the ‍door ‍to ‍publication.

‍Jack ‍Burgos ‍is ‍a ‍34-year-old ‍author ‍of ‍transgressive, ‍speculative ‍fiction ‍living ‍in ‍Tulsa, ‍Oklahoma. ‍He ‍was ‍born ‍in ‍Miami, ‍Florida, ‍the ‍son ‍of ‍Colombian ‍and ‍Cuban ‍immigrants. ‍He ‍graduated ‍cum ‍laude ‍from ‍Tulane ‍University ‍in ‍New ‍Orleans, ‍Louisiana, in ‍2007, ‍with ‍a ‍B.A. ‍in ‍English, ‍a ‍B.A. ‍in ‍Philosophy, ‍a ‍Political ‍Science ‍minor, ‍and ‍a ‍concentration ‍in ‍Creative ‍Writing. ‍He ‍graduated ‍with ‍an ‍M.A. ‍in ‍Clinical ‍Psychology ‍from ‍the ‍University ‍of ‍Tulsa ‍in ‍2013. ‍Jack ‍co-founded ‍the ‍writing ‍critique ‍group ‍ ‍Nevermore ‍Edits ‍ in ‍2012, ‍through ‍which ‍he ‍continues ‍to ‍improve ‍his ‍craft. His ‍work ‍has ‍been ‍published ‍in  Happy ‍Days, ‍Sweetheart, Beyond ‍the ‍Nightlight, ‍Now ‍Playing ‍in ‍Theater ‍B, ‍Dark ‍and ‍Dangerous ‍Things ‍III, The ‍Book ‍of ‍Blasphemous ‍Words,  and  Terror ‍in ‍16-Bits. ‍ He ‍edited  Broken ‍Worlds ‍ and  The ‍Misbehaving ‍Dead ‍published ‍by ‍ ‍A ‍Murder ‍of ‍Storytellers ‍. ‍His ‍debut ‍series ‍ ‍Stormborn ‍ ‍debuted ‍on ‍May ‍1, ‍2017, ‍with ‍its ‍first ‍novella,  ‍13 ‍Hearts ‍to ‍Start ‍a ‍Storm ‍. ‍ The ‍second ‍book ‍in ‍the ‍series,  ‍The ‍Knave ‍and ‍the ‍Fool, ‍ comes ‍out ‍in ‍June ‍2018.

‍Jack ‍serves ‍as ‍the ‍webmaster ‍for ‍the ‍ ‍Oklahoma ‍Writers' ‍Federation, ‍Inc. ‍ and ‍as ‍the ‍Vice ‍President ‍for ‍ ‍Nevermore ‍Edit ‍. ‍When ‍he ‍isn't ‍engaged ‍in ‍writing-related ‍activities, ‍Jack ‍proudly ‍works ‍as ‍a ‍home-based ‍counselor ‍for ‍a ‍non-profit ‍agency ‍with ‍at-risk ‍youth.